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1. Select Your PicturesCustomized Fridge Magnets

Connect your Instagram account and choose 9 pictures you want us to print.

2. Fill your details & make paymentCustomized Fridge Magnets

enter your shipping information properly then you will be taken to our secured payment page where you can choose your preferred payment option.

3. We print & ship themCustomized Fridge Magnets

Once we receive your order we start our process, do our quality check and ship your pictures with all the care & love.

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🤔 FAQs

Tell me more about these fridge magnets.

We're glad you asked. Fridge magnets are magnetic sheets printed with pictures which can be put up on any metalic object, in most common cases refrigrators. These magnetic sheets are highly durable, long lasting & requires very less real estate.

What is a sheet?

A sheet consist of 9 picture magnets with a size of 9" x 9" and each picture size is 3" x 3". In todays modern place where photo frames can consume a lot of space on the wall, these photo magnets can exists in a plain sight and still can offer all the joy of all those beautiful memories.

I have placed an order, When will I get it delivered?

We start working on orders immediately as we receive them. It usually take 2 days for us to do printing. We work with express courier partners who aims to deliver the order within 5 working days. We keep you posted with courier details via email and/or whatsapp. If you've further quries please drop us a line at [email protected]

How can I order more than 9 picture magnets?

You can simply place multiple orders using the same process, we will batch them together and ship together.

I want to change my address or other order details, What should I do?

If you would like us to change any particular detail of your order feel free to send us an email. We'll definitely try our best to fulfill your request if the stage of your order allows us to.